5 Benefits to Adding Window Film to Your Next Home Building Project

There are a lot of choices to consider when planning out a home building project. From flooring to lighting there are thousands of different combinations. However, when it comes to your residential windows installing window film is a no brainer. There are numerous benefits of home window tinting. Below are five reasons why you should purchase window tint for your home.

residential window tintReduce Glare and Heat Transference – Don’t be afraid to let the light in. You can open your windows without fear of letting in too much heat. Window film has proven to reduce the percent of heat transference while also reducing sun glare by over 80%. That means following a long day at work, you can enjoy your favorite television show clearly.

Protect Your Home – Glass on your windows and doors can be easily broken from break-ins or storms. However, installing tint on your home windows will give your home the added protection you are looking for. Window film creates an additional barrier to make the existing glass more impact resistant for increase security for the unexpected.

Lower Effects of Harmful UV Rays – UV rays can not only affect the people in your home, but they can also damage your fabrics and furnishings as well. A Solar Concepts treated window will block up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This means a longer life for your carpets and furniture which are big ticket investments.

Cut Your Energy Bills in Half – In the average U.S. home around half of the home utility bills are spent on heat loss and gain through untreated windows. Window film from Solar Concepts can help you save you up to 50% on your monthly electric bill.

More Affordable Than Window Replacement – If you want to increase the efficiency of your home windows but you aren’t quite ready for the large cost of complete window replacement, then window tinting could be the right solution for you. For a short term solution, spend a fraction of the cost on window film instead of replacing your windows.

Home Lighting Renovation Process

Renovating your home lighting can be a very exciting and yet difficult task for any homeowner. You have think about what light fixtures your need, who is going to install it, what type of lighting should I choose, and where am I going to purchasing everything. These are all factors that you have to think about before jumping into this type of home improvement project. Luckily for you I have just went through this process and have come up with great references and ideas for you to include in your home.

Let’s start with choosing the right light fixtures and where to purchase these items for your home. Take a look at the overall design of your home and label it as traditional or modern. While there are many subcategories in these two categories you just want to start off in the right ball park. Once you have classified the style and design of your home start looking through your big box stores, like Lowes, and find the right items for your home. Generally your big box stores will have a wide variety of light fixtures for very affordable prices, but if you want to purchase specialty lighting then you will have to go to a lighting store.

Now that we have our light fixtures and we know where to buy them, we now want to start thinking about the type of lighting that we are going to use in our light fixtures. There are many different types of lighting that you can choose like incandescent, fluorescent, or LED. As you move up that list you are going to spend more money on each bulb up front, but you will also be gaining greater energy efficiency as you go up the list as well. I would strongly encourage home owners to purchase LED lighting for their home and you can learn more about LEDs through the description that Energy Star provides. With LED lighting you will get better light in your home and you will cut down on the amount of energy used to power those lights.

So you have your light fixture and your bulbs, but how do we install those in your home? When I went through my home lighting improvement I used a local Bethesda Electrician. Since I knew nothing about how to install light fixtures I had to go to the experts at Mr. Electric and I was truly impressed with their installation process. If you are more of a DIY person, then you can use the instructions from the light fixture product that you purchased. Although you may know how to install a light fixture sometimes you will have to run new wiring and that can be difficult task.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Zoning Laws

Zoning regulations can change from city to city in the United States and the regulations are set up by the local government. While zoning laws can be a pain in the butt we have to follow them because they were are established to protect the citizens that live in that city. You can spend hours reading government regulation on residential and commercial homes. You might find that a majority of the laws are quite odd and question the purpose of it actually written down in law. I was reading through Las Vegas Government’s website and there is a regulation that says, “The following uses and equipment shall be screened from public view from all rights-of-way, pedestrian areas, and parking lots… mechanical equipment such as air conditioners…”(click here for source).So if you live in Las Vegas and you need to make sure that your air conditioner unit is hidden.

There are many ways to go about hiding your air conditioner unit from the eye of pedestrians that include planting vegetation or building a fence around the actual unit.  By putting a barrier around your condenser unit it will not only hide it from view but it will also muffle the noise of the machine. Before you go ahead and start planting shrubs or building a fence around your unit make sure that you won’t do anything to affect the performance of your system. If you live in Las Vegas where these regulations are required then you might want to contact Aire Serv, local air conditioning experts, to make sure that your plans won’t affect the performance.

There are many benefits of each type of camouflage type and you simply have to decide what is best for your home.  You could go with this type of fence and many other design types that you can find on houzz.com. Fences are very formal and do a great job at actually hiding the condenser unit from view, but it doesn’t do a great job at muffling the sound. Fences are also a great way to protect your air conditioning unit from flying debris or branches.

If you don’t want to have a fence because you don’t think it will look right then you can always plant vegetation around the unit. Plants perform better at being more aesthetically pleasing and muffling the sound of your system. The downfall of this type of camouflage is that it takes routine maintenance to make sure that the vegetation doesn’t grow into you system causing major problems. Always check with companies like Aire Serv to make sure you won’t do anything to harm the integrity of the machine. Once you have made your selection I am sure you will be up to code in Las Vegas or just insure that you have a more muffled sounding air condenser.

Plumbing and Electrical Inspections

Improve Your Home With Inspections

When you’re building a home, you won’t know if everything is functioning properly until you get situated and start using your appliances. It can be a huge inconvenience when something goes awry right when you are settling in, and you should take the necessary precautions to avoid issues.

One great way to ensure everything is set up correctly from the start is to get some whole home inspections. An electrical or plumbing inspection can really help you stay on top of your house and keep things running smoothly. This helps you avoid safety hazards and emergencies associated with improper installations.2823432918_72e7277927


A plumber knows exactly what to look for during his inspection. He will be able to use a camera to make sure pipes are properly aligned and free of obstructions. This service can also come in handy if you drop a ring or other item down the drain. The camera can quickly locate the piece and get it back to you.

If you a purchasing a home that is currently being lived in, a plumber can still be helpful. They have the capability of looking through the house to make sure everything is functioning properly before you buy it. It’s always great to know you will have good plumbing before you move in! Plumbing issues are extremely inconvenient to you and your family. If you do come across an issue, be sure to call a plumber that offers emergency services for a quick fix.


An electrical inspection could also benefit your home. Did you know that the number one cause of house fires is due to electrical issues? Improper wiring can easily set small appliances on fire. Avoid these travesties by having a professional electrician inspect your home, looking for common issues with set up and finding hazards before they cause a problem.

Even if you have lived in your current home for years, you could benefit from getting a plumbing or electrical inspection. If you live in an older home, chances are an electrician could recommend more efficient processes that could lower your electric bills. Likewise, a plumber could recommend new pipes made out of a newer material or other improvements.

Appliance Repair vs. Replacement

While it would be ideal to have appliance that would never break or need replacement, but if that were to happen the appliance companies wouldn’t make any money. Companies like LG, Samsung, and Kenmore are actually great brands that create long lasting products that could ultimately last you a life time. Although these products can last a very long time and have the latest technology incorporated in them they will need some maintenance and upkeep over time. A lot of home owners will think that since one aspect of their appliance isn’t working properly then they have to replace the whole appliance, but why would you do that when you could simply repair the appliance?

By repairing your appliances you will end up saving thousands of dollars over a lifetime of appliance purchases. There are many great “how to” articles in books and on the internet that you can use to self-diagnose your appliance issues and if you are unable to solve the issue yourself there are many top residential appliance repair companies available to assist you.

One of the most expensive and most purchased appliances is your home refrigerator and there are many different models and styles available to choose from. When purchasing a refrigerator there are a few criteria that you need to make sure you meet. You need to understand size, style, and necessary features.

Smart-RefrigeratorBefore looking at any refrigerators, measure the space in which your appliance will be placed and keep these dimensions in mind. You need to keep in mind the amount of space needed to operate the refrigerator correctly. Will the doors or freezer drawers hit anything when you open them and will it stick out into a walk area of the kitchen? These are important questions you need to be able to answer before selecting the model or features of a refrigerator.

Once you understand the size you will then need to decide on a style and enhanced features that are a necessity for your family size. Unless if your family plans on watching TV in the kitchen then there is no need to have a screen on your refrigerator and can save you a lot of money. In today’s market you have a larger variety of styles to choose from rather than just one door for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. Make sure that you select a style that will fit the functionality of your needs and features that will make your lives easier not more difficult.

Affordable Home Air Conditioning Solutions

Affordable HVAC AnnapolisIt’s definitely not in your head, the spring and summer temperatures are definitely warmer than previous years. In fact, the eight warmest years recorded have taken place during the past ten years. That means now more than ever, it is important to monitor your HVAC unit so you aren’t left to sweat it out. But with costs constantly rising, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep costs low when it comes to your air conditioning unit.

In fact, according to homeadvisor.com, every year nationally homeowners spend an average around $425 on air conditioning repairs with the low end range of $345 and a high end range of $505 annually depending on geographic cost of living. The average costs tend to be lower for air conditioning repairs in Annapolis MD only costing an average of $370 a year. Some things that can alert you that you may be in need of repairs for your HVAC unit are strange noises or smells. Be careful not to wait too long before seeking an air conditioning repair service because the issue could be worse and most costly if you keep running a malfunctioning HVAC system.  Below are 4 tips to find the most affordable air conditioning repair service.


  1. Get a Price Quote Upfront: Most HVAC service companies should be able to give you a rough estimate of any repair costs. Some businesses may charge a diagnostic fee for even coming out to examine the unit so make sure you are clear of all potential charges. Often times, if you choose to go with the company for your air conditioning repairs, the diagnostic fee will go towards your repair costs.


  1. Shop Around: Make sure you get quotes from multiple A/C service companies if possible. It is best to have all of the information necessary before beginning a relationship with a repair company. If you have a particular company that you prefer that isn’t necessarily the lowest price, still bring your research to the table and ask if they will do a price match with their competitor.


  1. Read Reviews: There are numerous review sites from Angie’s List, to Yelp!, and Google Plus. Check out any and all review sites to make sure there is a consistent sentiment from past customers. However, don’t be thrown off from one bad experience, we all can have a bad day every now and then.


  1. Ask for a Service Guarantee: Any reputable business should have a service guarantee that offers the customer assurance in case something does go wrong with your repair service. This is a statement of quality and service which you should refer to if you do have complications. The service guarantee should reflect hard facts such as numbers and time frame because opinions are relative.